Julia Milot

One of my favorite parts about going to Emmanuel is being able to explore Boston, andgetting familiar with our neighborhood is a huge part of that. My roommates and I are very excited to visit our favorite local spots while being covid safe and conscious of others.  -Julia Milot ’22 […]

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Jillian Kern ’22

Some advice I would offer to other students is that even the smallest decision can be the difference between contracting or protecting you and your loved ones from COVID. It seems simple but it is so much more complicated and every decision really does count when you go out.  -Jillian Kern ’22 […]

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Craig Barasso

Hey everybody, my name is Craig Barrasso and I’m going for a major in communications with a marketing minor. I’m excited to finally get back to living on campus because I miss the sense of community and the general “college experience” more than anything.    -Craig Barasso ’22 […]

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Maryann Quatrucci

Adhering to the health and safety protocols such as social distancing will not only help me stay safe but it will keep others safe as well. COVID safety is so important because you never know who has been exposed to the virus. Exposing others can be so detrimental because you never know how it will affect them […]

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Stephanie Forester

 I think it is important for students to keep others in mind with the decisions they make when returning to campus. Practicing safety precautions on and off campus is important to help make sure members of our Emmanuel community and the Boston community feel safe throughout the semester. This past year brought out the resilience […]

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Isabella Schichter ’22

It’s important to me to adhere to health and safety protocols because I want to protect the immunocompromised and high-risk individuals I come in contact with. If the entire EC community sticks to the science and follows protocols, we will hopefully have a successful spring semester for everyone.  Isabella Schichter ’22  […]

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Isabelle Bernard

2020 was an incredibly hard year. And after losing my grandfather to Covid-19, I feel deeply connected to the people all over the world who faced similar hardships and struggles. Because of this, I am striving to take every precaution to stop the spread of the virus. It may be challenging at times, but it’s […]

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Colby Lima

I  am a senior majoring in English: Writing, Editing, & Publishing. From my time with the Admissions Office, Orientation Leaders, EC Pep Band, and EC Ultimate Frisbee, I look forward to working together so others can also be a part of our in-person and virtual EC Community.  -Colby Lima ’21 […]

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  • Emily Geary

    It’s important for me to keep health and safety top of mind this semester because I know that the decisions I make will impact not just me, but my roommates, classmates, and broader community – and I want to do my best to keep everyone healthy.

    -Emily Geary '21