This past year brought out the resilience in every student and faculty member. With everyone following safety precautions and supporting one another, we can create a safe space and continue to uphold Emmanuel's tight-knit community.

Stephanie Forester '21

Our Resolution

This is more than a campaign—it’s our collective promise to one another. Together, we can stay in Boston.
We, the Emmanuel community, have a shared responsibility in promoting a campus-wide culture of wellness and a shared commitment to keeping ourselves, our campus and the city of Boston safe.
We know what’s at stake. In addition to the immediate need to slow the spread of COVID-19, we need to get back into classrooms and laboratories, back to living and learning as college students in this extraordinary town.
We understand we will face difficult decisions. Through self-stewardship and engagement in health and well-being initiatives, we will discover new ways to celebrate what makes us Saints.

It helps knowing we are not alone. I think it's important to celebrate the small things and embrace this experience as one we won't forget. “Time flies when you're having fun,” so enjoy this time as much as possible.

– Colby Lima ’21

Stay Committed

This is more than a campaign—it’s our collective promise to one another.

From social media challenges to campus-wide events and initaitives, we look forward to continuing the narrative of health and wellness throughout the first months of 2021.

Stay Connected

I am striving to take every precaution to stop the spread of the virus…I would also like to encourage everyone to be mindful of each other and to always be kind because you never know what someone is going through.

– Isabelle Bernard ’22

off campus. On the map.

Things may look a little different—but it’s still the Boston we know and love.

With the vaccine currently being distributed and administered, it looks like we might be finally rounding the curve, but that doesn’t mean we can let up on our safety measures now. If anything, it means that we have to be safer now more than ever.

– Craig Barasso ’22

For You. by You.

Student-Driven, Community-Focused. This campaign is rooted in a mutual relationship with Emmanuel students, faculty and staff as we work to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of our campus.

The “Be In Boston, Stay In Boston” campaign is the result of a semester-long project by students in Dr. Mark Flynn’s Fall 2020 “Health Communications” course.

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  • Emily Geary

    It’s important for me to keep health and safety top of mind this semester because I know that the decisions I make will impact not just me, but my roommates, classmates, and broader community – and I want to do my best to keep everyone healthy.

    -Emily Geary '21